b'Walker Headliner Porcelain White-Rite BoardsWRWAluminum trimHeadliner Porcelain White-Rite Boards with blade trayPorcelain enamel surface permanently firedonto 28 gauge steelStandard high gloss white surface, 6100HFade-proof, stain-proof, resists scratchesHolds magnetsStandard heavy duty satin anodized aluminumor oil finish white oak trim and trays; darkbronze anodized availableConcealed mounting hardware, screws includedFull-length tray1 34 " wide white oak trim, oil finish, miteredcorners with full-length 2 14 " deep tray WR4 color markers and 1 eraser Standard white oakwide trim, deep trayOptions: Standard heavy duty anodized aluminum trimHigh gloss white porcelain is standard. All otherssubject to a 15% upcharge, $100 maximumWood frame options: H x W Aluminum Oak FrameRed oak with poly finishadd $3.00 per linear (ft.) Frame List Oil Finish* Listfoot of perimeter trim and tray to WRW price 11 / 2 x2 WR1824 120.00 WRW1824 140.00Satin or gloss maple with poly finishadd $4.50 per 2 x 3 WR23 196.00 WRW23 227.00linear foot of perimeter trim and tray to WRW price Dark bronze anodized trim andOptional 1" cork aluminum maprail available 3 x 4 WR34 330.00 WRW34 364.00 tray optionfor all unitsadd $4.50 per linear foot 3 x 5 WR35 500.00 WRW35 535.00Available with dark bronze anodizedadd $4.00per linear foot of perimeter trim, tray and maprail 4 x 4 WR44 432.00 WRW44 478.00Available with cherry and dark red mahogany 4 x 5 WR45 505.00 WRW45 560.00 Top mounting bracket L -bracketstainsadd 20% or $90, whichever is greater, 4 x 6 WR46 600.00 WRW46 699.00see page 2 for custom stainsOptional 1" cork map railCustom Sizesboards may be ordered in custom 4 x 8 WR48 840.00 WRW48 914.00 Trim1/2" fiber board core Porcelain (fired onsizes or with minor alterations; take the price of the 28 gauge steel)4 x 10 WR410 1070.00 WRW410 1152.00 Porcelain (fired onnext largest size and add $90.00 or 15%, whichever 28 gauge steel)is greater 4 x 12 WR412 1270.00 WRW412 1351.00 Moisture barrierCall for multiple board pricing on non-standard boards 4 x 16 WR416 1718.00 WRW416 1828.00 Moisture barrierCall for pricing on 5\' high boards up to 16\' long Aluminum trim detail34 "Trim,2 14 "Tray 1 34 "Trim,2 14 "TrayAluminum Wood*Available with custom stains Wood trim detailwith trayWalker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 99/22'