b'Walker Headliner Radii White-Rite & ChalkboardsWRTUltra Matte Porcelain Radii White-Rite & Chalkboards Chalkboard ColorsContemporary designer look, unique itemFlawless porcelain marker andchalkboards6500U 6501U 6502UHeavy duty aluminum frames Green Jet Black Slate GreyRadii White-Rite Boards: Fired on Porcelain enamel finish Complete with 4 markers and 1 eraser Concealed mounting hardware,screws includedRadii Chalkboards: See porcelain color selection chartWRTon page 25 Porcelain enamel on steel will never WBTstain, discolor, or lose its erasability Chalkboard Porcelain, slate grey 6502UOption: bronze trim Porcelain enamel on steel; Option: FORBO2187 maprail holds magnets Available with maprail WBTOptions: Chalkboard Porcelain, green 6500UBronze trim, tray and maprail available for additionalcharge; add $4.00 per linear footOptional 1" cork maprail availableadd $4.50 perWBTlinear foot Chalkboard Porcelain, Custom sizes not available in round corner jet black 6501URadii Radiialuminum trim H x W White-Rite Chalk(ft.) Boards List Boards List2 x 3 WRT23 270.00 WBT23 270.003 x 4 WRT34 450.00 WBT34 450.003 x 5 WRT35 650.00 WBT35 650.004 x 4 WRT44 592.00 WBT44 592.004 x 5 WRT45 715.00 WBT45 715.00 Heavy duty 212 " tray comes standard onall radii marker or chalkboards4 x 6 WRT46 785.00 WBT46 785.004 x 8 WRT48 995.00 WBT48 995.00Heavy duty78 " thick aluminum frames; slate grey Porcelain chalkboard may be ordered in 6500U green,6502U porcelain chalkboard shown here 6502U Slate Grey or 6501U Jet BlackWalker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 169/22'