b'Deluxe Architectural Series TrimDeluxe trim 1 12 " wide x78 " thick. All aluminum trim is satin anodizedof not less than .062 wall thickness for extra rigidity.Corners are mitered.Trays are box type hollow trays with endcaps.The 2 34 " deep tray is satin anodized of not less than .080 wall thickness Deluxe trim 1" maprailfor additional strength.Maprails are 1".Marker/chalkboard sizes up to 4\' x 16\' and 5\' x 16\'; larger units availableusing concealed spline joints and color-matched H-bars.Tackboard sizes are made up to 4\' x 12\', 4\' x 16\' or 5\' x 12\', dependingon the type of tackboard; see page 26.Deluxe Series can be ordered as combinations as illustrated below.Marker and chalkboard surfaces are joined with concealed spline joints.Joints between writing surface and tackboards are color matched H-barsto the writing surface.Box type tray with cast endcapsAluminum joints between vinyl or fabric tackboards can bewrapped with the actual vinyl or fabric for a cleaner look.Some of the combinations available:H-bars are color matched to writing surface, shown withFORBO#2166Concealed spline joint provides nearly seamless transitionsMarkerboard and tackboard with Marker or chalkboard detail with 1" maprailArchitectural Deluxe Trim, maprail, and box tray with cast endcapscast endcaps and FORBO cork#2182.Walker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 279/22'