b'Walker Headliner White-Rite Grid BoardsMusic Staff 1"x 1" GridLine Thickness116 " Line Thickness132 "Horizontal Lines Penmanship LinesLine Thickness132 " Line Thickness116 "Headliner White-Rite Grid BoardsPerfect for charts, graphs, schedulingPorcelain enamel surface, grids permanently USA Map World Mapfired onto surfacewill never come off Line Thickness 164 ", 332 " Line Thickness 164 ", 332 "Resists scratchesHolds magnetsHeavy duty satin anodizedaluminum trim and traysConcealed mountinghardware, screws includedFull-length tray4 color markers and 1 eraserOptions: Graph Coordinates Polar CoordinatesWhite-Rite music staffs in stock, all Line Thickness132 " 45" Outside Diameterother graphics and grids available by special order Grids permanently firedOptional 1" cork maprail available onto surfaceadd $4.50 per linear footPRICINGAvailable with dark bronze anodized #6100H White #6502U Black #6500U Green WRGWhite Porcelainframe - add $4.00 per linear foot of Item Sizes Available Sizes Available Sizes Available Size WBGChalk Porcelainperimeter trim, tray and maprail Music Staffs 4\'x4\'-5\'-6\'-8\'-10\'-12 4\' x 4\' -5\' -6\' -8\' -10\' 4\' x 4\' -5\' -6\' -8\' -10\' 4\' x 4\' 750.001" x 1" Grids NA NA NA 4\' x 5\' 900.00Top mounting bracketHorizontal Lines NA NA NA 4\' x 6\' 1000.00Graph Coordinates 4\' x 4\' 4\' x 4\' 4\' x 4\' NAOptional 1" cork map rail Penmanship Lines NA NA NA NATrim1/2" fiber board core Polar Coordinates NA NA NA NAPorcelain (fired on28 gauge steel) USA Map NA NA NAMoisture barrier World Map 4\' x 4\' NA NA*Specify: Surface code (WRG - White Porcelain; WBG - Chalk Porcelain), surface color, grid type and sizeExample: Surface Size Color Grid TypeWRG 4\' x 10\' 6100H White Music StaffsWalker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 139/22'