b'Walker Headliner Frameless Porcelain BoardsWTM - RCT-moulding edgeRound corner optionMagnetic tray optionHeadliner FramelessPorcelain BoardsPorcelain enamel surface permanentlyfired onto 28 gauge steelFade-proof, stain-proof, and highlyscratch-resistantHolds magnets Round corner Square cornerWhite painted or white T-moulding edge WPE - RC Painted edge painted edge painted edgeSquare corners are standard (round Round corner optioncorners availablesee below) Magnetic trayClean lookno frame to clash with dcorTray options listed below WTM - SCWhite T-mouldingDouble full-length Z-bars for wall Square cornerand board Tray optionSquare corner Round cornerOptions: white T-moulding white T-mouldingMust specify RC (round corner) or SQ (squarecorner); square corner is standardPorcelain colors available: see color selectionpage 25 H x W Painted White T-Round corners add $120 total per board (ft.) Edge List Moulding Edge ListAll full-length trays are permanently attached: 3 x 4 WPE34 460.00 WTM34 460.00Full-length white aluminum trayadd $9.00 per l.f. 4 x 4 WPE44 580.00 WTM44 580.00Full-length satin aluminum trayadd $9.00 per l.f.Full-length maple tray add $11.00 per l.f. 3 x 5 WPE35 690.00 WTM35 690.00 Magnetic white aluminum tray optionFull-length red oak, poly trayadd $10.00 per l.f. 4 x 5 WPE45 710.00 WTM45 710.00Full-length custom stain oak trays: add $13.004 x 6 WPE46 800.00 WTM46 800.00per l.f., see custom stains page 2.18" white aluminum tray, attaches magnetically:4 x 8 WPE48 950.00 WTM48 950.00$44.00 each 4 x 10 WPE410 1260.00 WTM410 1260.00Custom Sizesboards may be ordered in custom sizes or with minor alterations; take the4 x 12 WPE412 1460.00 WTM412 1460.00price of the next largest size and add $90.00 4 x 16 WPE416 1900.00 WTM416 1900.00 T-moulding detailor 15%, whichever is greater hung with Z-barsSquare corners (SC) are standard, round corner (RC) is optional;please specifyWalker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 149/22'