b'Walker Headliner Bulletin & Combo White-Rite Boards WCFORBO cork 2186Headliner Bulletin & PorcelainCombo White-Rite BoardsMost rugged tackboard builtFramed in heavy-duty satin anodizedaluminum or white oak with oil finishConcealed hardware, screws included 14 " thick burlap-backed, high-density, self-sealing FORBOcork will lastindefinitelyFORBOcork is washable6100H white porcelain is standardWCW / FORBOcork 2162on combination boardsOptions: WRC / FORBOcork 2166FORBOcork linoleum color selection see page 2Anodized bronze frame add $4.50 per linear footof perimeter trim, tray and maprailWood frame options, see page 2:Red oak with poly finishadd $1.50 per linearfoot of perimeter trim and tray to WCW price White-Rite &Satin and gloss maple with poly finishadd H x W Bulletin Board* Bulletin Board* Bulletin Board*$3.50 per linear foot of perimeter trim and tray (ft.) Alum. Frame List Alum. Frame List Oak Frame Listto WCW price 2 x 3 WC23 155.00 WRC23 210.00 WCW23 176.00Custom stain - add 20% or $90, whicheveris greater to WCW price 3 x 4 WC34 270.00 WRC34 360.00 WCW34 300.00Custom Sizesboards may be ordered in4 x 4 WC44 350.00 WRC44 430.00 WCW44 400.00custom sizes or with minor alterations; take the4 x 5 WC45 430.00 WRC45 510.00 WCW45 480.00price of the next largest size and add $90.00or 15%, whichever is greater 4 x 6 WC46 510.00 WRC46 620.00 WCW46 570.00Top mounting Bracket 4 x 8 WC48 660.00 WRC48 798.00 WCW48 715.00(fits into extruded aluminumframe allowing board 4 x 10 WC410 770.00 WRC410 972.00 WCW410 830.00to hang flush) Closeup of mitered4 x 12 WC412 910.00 WRC412 1150.00 WCW412 1000.00 corner on satin maplefinish wood frame andTrim 4 x 16 WC416 1160.00 WRC416 1540.00 WCW416 1300.00 FORBOcork 21851/4" Cork34 "Trim,2 14 "Tray 1 34 "Trim, No Trays1/4" Hardboard Aluminum Wood*Specify FORBOcork color, size and placement of tackboard on combination unitsWalker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 129/22'