b'Walker Headliner Radii Fabric-Covered Communication BoardsDSFAbove: Round corner, beveled edge; Guilford of Maine Wedgewood fabricRadii Fabric-CoveredCommunication BoardsContemporary designer look Also availableHeavy duty 1" thick with round corner in customerand beveled edges are standard; supplied fabricsquare corner non-beveled edgeavailableplease specifyHung with full-length Z-bars for walland board Round Corner15 stock colors, many more available, Beveled Edgesee page34 Square CornerFabric is Class A fire-rated Guilford H x W Radii Fabric Non-Beveled Edge(ft.) Bulletin Boards Listof Maine 701-2100 1 / 2 x2 DSF1824* 134.001Guilford of Maine Bone fabric (top), Guilford of Maine Rose QuartzOptions: 11 / 2 x 3 DSF1836* 190.00 fabric (bottom). See page 34 for available fabric colors.Square corner non-beveled edges available 2 x 3 DSF2436* 194.00Standard boards are Class A fire-rated 1 / 2 x 4 DSF1848* 250.00fabric on 1" thick Class C fire-rated bulletin 1board. Please add $5.00 per s.f. for Class A 3 x 4 DSF3648* 340.00fire-rated core material (minimum add for Fabric isClass A fire-rated core is $20.00) 11 / 2 x 5 DSF1860* 280.00 Class A Fire-RatedAdditional colors available from Guilford 3 x 5 DSF3660* 445.00of Maines FR701 style 2100 for a one time 4 x 4 DSF4848* 430.00 1" Class C Fire-Ratedcharge of $120.00 total Round Corner Round Corner Bulletin BoardsOther fabric brands available on custom order 4 x 5 DSF4860* 470.00 Beveled Edge Non-Beveled EdgeTackboards may also be fabricated from 4 x 6 DSF4872* 555.00 Hung with Z Barscustomer-supplied material, call for details 4 x 8 DSF4896* 690.00Custom Sizesboards may be ordered inHeavy Duty 1" Thickcustom sizes or with minor alterations; take 4 x 10 DSF48120* 845.00 Round Cornersthe price of the next largest size and add 10% 4 x 12 DSF48144* 900.00or $40.00, whichever is greater *Please specify: Rounded corners and Square Corner Square Cornerbeveled edges are standard, please specify Beveled Edge Non-Beveled Edgeif square corners or non-beveled edgesNote: All boards 2\' x 3\' and smaller canbe shipped UPSWalker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 159/22'