b'Porcelain Writing SurfacesLifetime Porcelain Porcelain on12 " Fiberboard Writing Surfaces Sizes of porcelain on12 " low density fiberboardcoreup to 4\' x 12\'. Standard core material forThese indestructible porcelain standard product line.Aluminum foil moisture barrierwriting surfaces are warrantied on back.for the life of the originalinstallation. Guaranteed fora lifetime, these surfaces are: Porcelain on Particleboard (Architectural Series)Fade resistant Sizes of porcelain on716 " particleboard coreupEasily erased to 4\' x 16\' or 5\' x 16\'. Aluminum foil moisture barrierUltra smooth on back. Resists denting, more rigid and largerAccepts magnets sizes available.Non-ghosting Extra Rigidity OptionChalk dust and residue reduced For extra rigidity and resistance to warping fromDont be fooled by claims of plastic temperature swings and moisture variations, a heavyfilms that stain, scratch, delaminate duty .015 aluminum backing sheet may be addedand are prone to air bubbles. to the back of any architecturally-specd markerIn 30+ years we have never had or chalkboard.a failure of a porcelain surface.Proven reliabilityyour customersHigh Gloss Porcelain Markerboarddeserve no less. Recover Or Replace Old Chalkboards6100H - White 6101H - Light Gray 6102H - BeigeLow Gloss Porcelain Markerboard6100L - White 6101L - Light Gray 6102L - BeigeUltra Matte Porcelain ChalkboardRecover or replace those old chalkboards.Call us and describe your situationso that we can correctly supply framed or unframed product that most economicallymeets your needs. Above: Old, hard to clean chalkboard; below: same wood trimwith new porcelain markerboard and music staff markerboard (see page 13).6500U - Green 6501U - Jet Black 6502U - Slate GreyNOTE:If color is critical, call for a color swatch.Plastic filmsdont be fooled!Permanent marker?Wrong marker used? On porcelain, Tired of ghosted images onpigments stay on top of the surface old markerboards? Porcelainand can be removed with water or wont ghost and improvesmarkerboard cleaner. erasability when used properly.Walker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 259/22'