b'Walker Headliner Guilford Fabric TackboardsOGFOak wood trim oil finish with Guilford of Maine Bone #748 fabricFabric TackboardsPick a fabric tackboard to accent your dcorand add a splash of color; see page 34 forstandard selectionGuilford 701 Style 2100 is the most widelyused fabric in offices and schools todayFramed in34 " satin anodized aluminum trim or 1 34 " white oak trim with an oil finish Guilford of Maine fabric adds a warmConcealed mounting hardware, AGF decorator detail to any room, seeAGF page 34 for color selection; #401 bluescrews included neutral pictured aboveClass A fire-rated fabric on12 " thick Class C Aluminum trim with Guilford of Maine Grey Mix #238fire-rated bulletin board is standard fabric (above) and Cherry Neutral #400 fabric (below)Options:Additional colors available from Guilfords 701-2100;aone-time color charge of $120.00 per order, not per board H x W Fabric Board Fabric Board Standard boards are Class A fire-rated fabric on 1 2 " (ft.) Alum. Frame List Oak Frame List TrimClass C fire-rated bulletin board.Please add $2.00 per 1 1 / 2 x 2 AGF1824 106.00 OGF1824 116.00square foot for Class A fire-rated mineral fiber board coreRed oak frame with a poly finishadd $1.00 per linear 2 x 3 AGF23 145.00 OGF23 155.00foot of perimeter trim 3 x 4 AGF34 255.00 OGF34 295.00Satin or gloss maple trimadd $3.50 per linear foot3 x 5 AGF35 330.00 OGF35 385.00of perimeter trimCustom stains on standard white oakadd 20% or 4 x 4 AGF44 320.00 OGF44 340.00$90.00, whichever is greatersee custom stains page 2 4 x 5 AGF45 380.00 OGF45 420.00 Fabrics may be special ordered from any fabric companyof your choosing for an additional charge 4 x 6 AGF46 440.00 OGF46 470.00Tackboards may be fabricated from customer 4 x 8 AGF48 560.00 OGF48 600.00supplied fabrics; call for details 4 x10 AGF410 695.00 OGF410 715.00Custom Sizesboards may be ordered in custom sizesor with minor alterations; take the price of the next largest4 x 12 AGF412 750.00 OGF412 800.00 Wood oak Aluminum frame detailsize and add $50.00 or 10%, whichever is greater 4 x 8 Aluminum34 "Trim Wood 1 34 "Trim frame detailWalker Products Inc.800 828.2096www.walkerboard.com 249/22'